Mental Health Of Employees: Is HR Doing Enough?

As an organisation, you have a duty of care to your employees, and this is undertaken in many ways. The most obvious duty of care that an employer has with respect to their employees fall under health and safety regulations. If an employee is injured at work or becomes physically unwell, there are likely procedures in place to aid and minimise the negative impact of these circumstances. Read More

GDPR For HR Departments - Make Sure You Comply

If you are on several email lists, and who isn’t these days, you will likely have experienced familiarity in the messages you have received of late. This is all because the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, comes into effect on the 25th of May 2018. Read More

HR Departments Should Be Up For The Cup

The end of the football season is closing in, with cup finals and play-off games all that is left in the domestic calendar, but this is not a time for football fans to be sad. You may be wondering if the England World Cup Squad video announcement or the video itself was the most disappointing thing you’ve seen this week, but the Russian World Cup is looming, and excitement is building. However, HR Departments may find that they face a few challenges during this summer’s big event. Read More

Snow Days And HR Regulations: Keeping Employees Safe

Whether you refer to the weather issue as "the beast from the East" or "Storm Emma", there is no denying that companies across the country have been dealing with the fallout of challenging weather. There will be countries all over the world that laugh at how the UK has reacted to the snowfall. In many parts of the world, this weather represents a standard working day but in the United Kingdom, we’ve seen the military called out to rescue people and assist people in moving from A to B. Read More