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The worldwide Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has had an unprecedented and lasting impact on individuals and businesses alike, globally.

Decisions have had to be made almost instantly, with governments, employers and employees having to adapt and push on with resilience.

The implications and potential risks have been wide-ranging for businesses and employees, stretching across all markets and industries, some more so than others.

In particular, the HR function of all businesses has been put to the test, showing more so than ever before the importance of having robust HR policies, HR processes and systems in place. From effective remote working, clear employee communication channels and access to employee information.

It may not always be possible for businesses to have a dedicated HR function, but the value has been so clearly demonstrated over recent weeks. DavenportHR offers HR Outsourcing, to act as an extension of your organisation, taking ownership of all of your HR processes. As well as cloud-Based HR software designed to simplify and automate HR processes and people management.

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International HR Strategic Partners

HR 90degree

Strategic Partner in UAE & North Africa

At HR90Degrees our mission is to be your strategic partner to ensure that you take The Right turn, in aspects of Human Resources Management from Talent Acquisition to Strategic HR interventions to Outsourcing the non-core functions.

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Strategic Partner in India

SimplyHR Solutions is an End to end HR services company based out of New Delhi, India. It works very closely with Start ups and SMEs in the area of Outsourced HR, HR Advisory, Talent Acquisition, Training and HR Technology.

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Lawrence Grant

Strategic Partner in UK

This partnership will formalise the existing strong relationship between the two companies, supporting the growing demands of UK businesses who, in their day to day running, now require a multitude of convenient services.

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