Performance management

Individual performance drives organisational performance!

To reach your goal you need performance management processes in your organisation

Performance management is process to promote and improve employee effectiveness. It enables organisation to track and monitor the performance of each departments, individual employees and organisation overall.

Performance management should be considered as being about leadership, carrying a unified knowledge of what is required from individuals to work, develop and prosper within an organisation.

Performance management clarifies each employee’s role, duties and responsibilities. It is the responsibility of the managers to take an integrated approach to employee learning.

Creating and developing a strong and identifiable culture in the workplace is the ideal platform for assisting performance. This is an area that should be considered by every firm, and there is a need to provide a tailored solution to fit the needs of the organisation.

Performance Management consists of the following:

  • Define expectations
  • Create Goals
  • Provide Written Evaluations
  • Maintain Performance Records
  • Learning and Training

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