Recruitment and selection

Right people. Right Roles. Right time.

Great companies are made from great employees, but hiring great employees will always be a challenging process.

The quality of employees you hire depend on how effective a recruitment and selection strategy you have. It is crucial to bring in the right people for the right roles.

Outsourcing your Recruitment and Selection process to a specialist will save you lots of time, pain and cost.

If your business doesn’t have a recruitment focus or strategy, you run the risk of low staff engagement, a high level of employee turnover, reduced productivity and a team of employees without motivation and the right skill sets. There is a need to define all roles within your firm, albeit focusing on available roles, and then setting up a selection process that fits with the needs, values and culture of your organisation.

Recruitment and Selection Services:

  • Analyzing your recruitment needs
  • Job Specifications and candidate profiles
  • Advertising the vacancy, strategies to attract candidates
  • Selection: Verification of competence and references

Psychometric tests

  • We can provide guidance and assistance in the resourcing aspect and in determining which candidate is best suited for the role. Many firms are keen to use psychometric testing tools in the recruitment process because it can measure aspects like ability and aptitude while also providing insight into an individual’s temperament, values, interests and personality.
  • We can help in choosing the best form of psychometric testing tools for your needs while providing guidance in the monitoring of results and outcomes

DavenportHR provides guidance and advice on all elements of the recruitment and if you require any additional training to best deliver this service, we can provide it.

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